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Number:YJ-802 Name:YJ-802 Anesthesia machine Description:The anesthesia machine makes a good performance in intensive care units(ICU),operation room,anesthesilolgy department and other departments.From high to low acuity,simple to comples cases,pediatric to...

YJ-802 with 2 vaporizer Multifunctional Anesthesia machine

CE & ISO certificates approved


Pneumatically drivenelectronicallycontrolledsystem

Built-in ventilator, LED displayscreen

With 1 patient circuit foradult(Option:patient circuit for children).

2-tube flowmeters, O2 & N2O; 0.1 L/Min~10L/Min;

Onevaporizer,Enflurane/Isoflurane/Sevoflurane;(Option: Halothane)

Oxygen Flush: 25~75 L/Min;

Respiration Mode:  IPPV,SIPPV,Manu

Tidal Volume: 50~1500 mL;

I:E: 1:1.5; 1:2.0; 1:2.5; 1:3

RespirationFrequency:  4~40 bpm

Ptr: -10~10 hPa;

CO2 absorber capacity: 1.5 kg

Alarm parameter: upper/lowerlimitofventilation volume, upper /lower limit of airway pressure, tidalvolumeexceedlimitation, no tidal volume output, apnea, AC power malfunction,batterylowpower  

Loop part:

Integrateddesign, integrated breathing circuits


High-precision single evaporatorconfiguration, enflurane or isoflurane or Sevflurane or Haloflurane

Concentration adjustment range: 0.5 ~ 5%VOL

Evaporator flow, pressure, andautomatictemperature compensation function   

Self-locking feature


Vaporizer: one vaporizer, Enflurane/Isoflurane/Sevoflurane(Option: Halothane)

Anesthesia gas concentration range:0.5~5%

Soda lime absorption system resistance to high temperature of 176 degrees Celsius.

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