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Number:YJ-IP5000 Name:YJ-IP5000 High-end Pet Used Infusion Pump Description:Forermed Infusion Pump...

YJ-IP5000 High-end Pet Used Infusion Pump


YJ-IP5000 infusion pump is a compact structure instrument. It is designed with
microcomputer technology. It has multi-alarm function and takes on the function of
speedy transportation simultaneously. The product installs rechargeable battery can
be use for the rescue work in field and in verge areas and satisfied with all kind of
needs of hospital. It is mainly use as phleboclysis and chemotherapy infusion in the
department of internal medicine, surgery, emergency, pediatrics, gynecology and
department of blood, ICU monitor ward, CCU monitor ward and so on.
Power supply:AC220V±22V,50HZ±1HZ
Built-in battery:D.C.12V, the battery can be used continuously for 2 hours after full
charged (24hours)
Environmental condition:temperature -5ºC~+40ºC
relative humidity:≤80%RH Atmospheric pressure:860hPa~1060hPa
Storage condition:temperature: -40ºC~+55ºC
relative humidity:≤95%RH Outline size (cm):14(L)x15(W)x22(H)
Weight:about 2.5kg Power consumption:≤25VA
Flow rate options:1ml/h~999ml/h, in 1ml/h increment
Occlusion pressure:60~90 kPa Flow rate error:±5%
Alarm:occlusion, empty, low battery, standby, air in line, door open, motor troubles
Function:infusion amount setting, power indication, optional alarm sound volume,
KVO (keep vein open), occlusion pressure adjustment, flow rate level
YJ-IP5000 Infusion Pump's Advantages
1. Available all brand of the standards IV sets, the pump has 120 levels adjustment to
keep high precision.
2. Three levels occlusion pressure adjustment.
3. The accurate ultrasonic bubble detector detects the bubble intelligent, safe and
4. Double confirmation function when flow rate≥300ml/h, make safer and avoid
5. Anti-reverse function on motor to avoid upstream, make safer for patient during

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