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Number:YJ-400 Name:YJ-400 Fully Automatic Chemistry Analyzer Description:Forermed Biochemistry Analyzer ...

YJ-400 Fully Automatic Chemistry Analyzer


Product Name


DS-401 Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer Reading system


Direct reading system Method


End point, Kinetic, Fixed time, Immunoturbidimetric,1-2 reagent, Multistandard, reagent/serum blank,etc. Throughput


400test/hr Sample position

80 pcs for sample cups or primary tubes,Including standard, control and stat


Reagent position


80 pcs with refrigerated system Plates/arms


2 reagent plates, 1 sample plate and 1 reactioni plate. 2 reagent arms, 2 mixing arms and 1 sample arm




High quality uv-transmitted plastic cuvette with arc bottom Washing


8 channels, detergent available Wavelength



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