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Number:YJ-MCR4 Name:YJ-MCR4 Mortuary Body Refrigerators in Morgue (4 Bodies) Description:Adopt high precision computer temperature control system of original world famous brand, accurately keep internal temperature at 4±1ºC accurate and stable; three high-brightness digital display, tempe...
Product Description
Corpse Refrigerator
Mortuary Body Refrigerators in Morgue (4 Bodies)
 Product parameter
NO External size(L*W*H) Internal size(L*W*H) Packing size(L*W*H) Tray size(L*W) Temperature Gross weight
1 2460*800*610 1950*630*440 2560*890*750 1940*610 -10~+5ºC 180KG
2 2060*800*1474 2160*890*1575 280KG
3 2060*800*1975 2160*890*2075 350KG
4 2060*1580*1475 2160*1680*1575 420KG
6 2060*800*1975 2160*1680*2100 550KG

Temperature control system
Adopt high precision computer temperature control system of original world famous brand, accurately keep internal temperature at 4±1ºC accurate and stable; three high-brightness digital display, temperature set within the scope of 2ºC-6ºC, temperature display precision is 0.1ºC,resolution ratio is 0.1ºC,adjusted the incremental, of 0.1ºC; Special high resolution temperature calibration function, set point can be adjusted and calibrate, calibration range is 2~8ºC, calibration of 0.1ºC increment. Intelligent control fan forced air circulation system, ensure the uniformity of external temperature;
Control system
Keyboard lock,password protection, prevent adjusting operation parameters at random; the alarm temperature range can set freely; seven kinds of system fault alarm (high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm,  sensor fault alarm,alarm of opening the door, power outage alarm,alarm of low backup battery,low voltage alarm),  code display of fault point (part of models have all seven alarm); triple alarm ways (buzzer sound alarm, lights flashing alarm,remote signal alarm) power on self-test delays starting, stop spacing protection function, unsure reliable operation; function of recording the highest and lowest temperature in the cabinet, without paper; specially designed sensor fault,digital disorder two security automatically operational procedure. Special power off memory function; function of operating parameters display , real time monitoring, ensure safety and stability of equipment. Equipped with remote alarm interface; unique temperature control system operation parameters differentiate the operator menu and manager menu; ensure the accountability of management operation parameters and the reliability of goods storage. Built-in lithium ion battery, sustainably display the temperature of the cabinet and keep sound-light alarm for 72 hours;
Refrigerating system
Adopt high efficiency compressor of domestic famous brand (Adopt imported Danfoss compressor); adopt imported original "Bi-Sonic" double fan, strong resistant to low temperature and moisture; German "EBM" cooling fan; imported Japanese Panasonic evaporator (cooling pipe in the oven); Fluoride-free environmental protection refrigeration system, manufacture green products, create green world.
24 hours tracking printing system [optional]
Imported temperature record printing system, 4 precision temperature sensors in the cabinet (some models have 2 sensors); display precision, resolution ratio is 0.1ºC, to observe temperature in the cabinet. Unique power off memory function, large amount of information,permanently preserve temperature data.
Temperature print has password protection function, prevent any print for getting temperature change information, five alarm systems. 12V,220V jointly alarm. Ensure super complementary and monitor performance, remote alarm system (optional) single refrigerator/double refrigerators/multi-refrigerators temperature data processing software exchanges data with computer by RS-232 interface and conducts data output, draw temperature curve analysis diagram of single, double and more refrigerators, display data table. Data and image can be saved, check and print [optional] optional projects; EPS emergency power supply is for optional; also can choose DC24V-AC220 Vinverter, current 24V power supply can support the normal use of fridge.
Humanized design
Equipped with special stainless steel blood bags basket, convenient to use , can clearly observe the status of storing blood in the basket from the window; adjustable shelf made of high quality steel wire, convenient for operation, easy to wash. Big screen digital display is convenient for observation. Safety door Iatch design, prevent any arbitrary opening. Wide voltage, suitable for the use of 187-242V. Fridge case adopts high quality steel plate; use anti-corrosion phosphating coating process, the color of surface is soft. Double transparent insulation glass doors, filled with inert gas.
Energy-saving lighting inside fridge makes the internal be absolutely clear. High transparent organic glass inside second doors, effectively avoid the leak of cooling air when opening or closing the door.

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