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Harbin City CDPD cerebral palsy rehabilitation center in 90 after the "foreign volunteer"

Author:[本站]Date:2017-03-27 10:03:07


Russian girl Anna Miroenko in Harbin City CDPD cerebral palsy rehabilitation center, for the families from Russia for volunteer translation, case finishing and auxiliary medical volunteer service work.

On March 22nd, the 24-year-old Russian girl, Anna Miroenko, volunteered for voluntary translation, case finishing and assisted medical care for the families of patients who were from the Russian CDPF. Anna is a Chinese government scholarship students studying at the Heilongjiang University, half a month ago, she saw the rehabilitation center on the Internet recruiting volunteers news, this like China's "four famous" love girl began in China's " Volunteer "career. Since then, she completed her studies at the same time, take 1 hour bus to the rehabilitation center for volunteer service. Anna told reporters: "love no borders, I hope to study in China during the period, to participate in more volunteer services to help more people in need." The picture shows Anna help children in Russia to assist the massage.

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