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How to Find the Best Mental Health Professional for You

Author:[本站]Date:2018-05-02 16:52:27

You eat your veggies with nutrition in mind.

You work out for your physical fitness. You get your checkups, brush your teeth, get enough sleep and wash your face. You take so many steps to maintain your health, but they'll only take you so far if you feel depressed or struggle with alcohol or can't stop fighting with your spouse. "Mental health is essential to overall health," says Paolo del Vecchio, director of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Center for Mental Health Services. Most of us (hopefully) wouldn't think twice about seeing a doctor if we had, say, strep throat, and we'd gladly take the antibiotics prescribed. So if you're feeling sick in other ways – you're anxious, you don't want to eat – why wait to get help from a professional? Here are the different people who can help:

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