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We back to work from the National Day holiday !

Author:[本站]Date:2017-10-10 14:37:19

Every season, three pounds, when we are busy hoarding meat, the overseas market can not be idle, Hong Kong stocks are rally!

Today is the second day after the National Day holiday, with everyone to review the financial events occurred during the holidays!

Overall, the news during the holiday season is relatively favorable.

1) China's central bank targeted, September PMI April 2012 since the new high, during the holiday consumption and other data overall stable;

2) the external message is also relatively smooth, although the United States during the Las Vegas shooting incident, but it seems that the market has not yet sustained negative impact;

3) the external stock market rose one after another, the three major US stock indexes hit a record high;

4) Hong Kong stocks by China's own standard, PMI data than expected, the external market and other factors to support good, the Hang Seng Index in the consumer, technology and financial sector driven by a record high of nearly 10 years, the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index intraday also hit The new high this year;

5) Overseas commodities (except for oil) generally rose, overseas resources stocks show dazzling.

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