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Blood Gas and Electrolyte Analyzer

Author:[本站]Date:2017-09-12 09:22:46

Blood Gas and Electrolyte Analyzer require daily or weekly maintenance? 

The  analyzer is virtually maintenance-free. It requires no daily or weekly maintenance.

Is the analyzer capable of QC lockout? 
Yes, the analyzer ensures regulatory compliance by providing a feature for QC lockout. The analyzer also has the ability to store up to 300 programmable user IDs and passwords at the instrument level in order to provide a complete audit trail.
How is QC performed on the analyzer? 
The analyzer allows for easy daily QC using a reusable electronic QC cassette.
Is the analyzer upgradeable to new parameters and features? 
Yes, the analyzer has a built-in USB drive that is used for upgrades provided free of charge.
Does the analyzer have the capability to be interfaced? 
Yes, the analyzer has the ability to be interfaced to any laboratory information system (LIS) or hospital information system (HIS) using a built-in Ethernet or USB drive.
Does the use the same cassettes as the CCA-TS? 
Yes, the uses the same cassettes as the OPTI CCA-TS.
Does the  use the same gas bottle as the CCA-TS? 
No, the does not use the same gas bottle as the CCA-TS.  uses a lower pressure bottle for easier shipping, and is identifiable by its red bottom and cap.
Can the support the same software as the CCA-TS2? 
No, the uses different software than the CCA-TS, and this new software is not compatible with the CCA-TS.

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